For 2013, TOKAI Solid Tire introduces EP3 technology to our widely used Solid Penumatic Tire line. Whether you’re stocking tires for use on forklifts, port equipment or ground support equipment, our EP3 Solid Pneumatic Tires are designed to last longer than ever, while offering greater performance and extended wear.

EP3 Technology


Here are just some of the advantages EP3 offers your customers:


    Lasts 20% Longer Than EP2

    A Wider Footprint Offering Greater Safety, Loadability & Heat Disperson

    A Specially Design Sidewall That Also Increases Loadability & Heat Dispersion

    A New Tread Design That Reduces The Potential Of Thread Crack By Resisting Twists & Turns

    A Flatter Base That Further Extends Loadability


These improvements - and even more - give you a competitive advantage in dealing with your customers by giving them real on-the-ground benefits that increase their productivity and decrease their operating costs.


Profile HT

Our Solid Pneumatic Profile HT tires are built to withstand wear and tear during the shift to keep labor and equipment costs low.

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